News & Updates

2 March, 2018

Riverfront Park will be the 'Jewel in the Crown' of Tampa's Park System

Tampa's Mayor Bob Buckhorn calls Julian B. Lane Park the 'jewel in the crown' of the...
2 March, 2018

Chouteau Greenway Mid Review

Here's the view from the team team table as we gave our presentation in St Louis for the...
20 February, 2018

Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood Framework Plan Kickoff!

The City of Detroit hosted W and the entire consultant team for a two-day kickoff of the Jefferson...
13 February, 2018

Full House for Ohio River Plan Presentation

Liz Hayden, Director of Planning, and Barbara presented the Hamilton River Plan last night to a...
5 February, 2018

Chouteau Greenway Mid-course Review

W Architecture and team are in the middle of the Chouteau Greenway Competition and continue to...
8 January, 2018

Chouteau Greenway Competition Kickoff!

We are excited to have begun the Chouteau Greenway Competition in St Louis!  Our team spent...
13 December, 2017

W is chosen for the Chouteau Greenway Design Competition!

We are deeply honored and excited to announce that we have been chosen as one of four teams to...
4 December, 2017

Barbara Gives Lecture at University of Rhode Island

As a part of the University of Rhode Island's Landscape Architecture Lecture Series, which is...
30 November, 2017

Community Meeting Held for the Great Miami Riverfront Master Plan

Last night, W led the third public meeting for the Great Miami Riverfront Master Plan in Hamilton,...
13 November, 2017

St. Patrick's Island wins International Making Cities Livable Award!

St. Patrick’s Island Park in Calgary, designed by W Architecture & Landscape Architecture...

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What We Believe

A visitor to a place is a participant in that place. Recognizing this, we believe creating landscapes and architecture that offer unexpected opportunities for access and engagement can elevate the human experience, triggering reflection, awareness, and action on the part of visitors. Well-designed places can result in more sustainable relationships between ourselves, our communities, and the earth.

What We Do

At W Architecture and Landscape Architecture, we create meaningful places where city and nature come together and form new relationships. These new relationships work at multiple scales, connecting communities to one another, people to place, and places to natural systems. We have particular expertise working with urban waterfront sites, transforming neglected, marginal areas into vital places for people to gather and experience a diversity of life.

Our work is evolutionary: our designs are rooted in context, -yet the effect can be catalytic. Our designs unlock potential for positive change and healthier, resilient communities. We grow places by examining the forces that exist at a site, creating new relationships that encompass physical, social, temporal, and political realms.

Who We Are

Barbara Wilks founded W Architecture and Landscape Architecture in 1999. With an international team of urban designers, architects, and landscape architects, we are able to bring an unusual breadth of capabilities to every job. With this professional diversity, we have an innately holistic approach to work, generating solutions that simultaneously solve challenges of scale, scope, and budget. Based in New York City, our award-winning projects are found throughout the world.