20 October, 2016

Julian B Lane Rivercenter and Park

W Architecture collaborated with Civitas, Inc to reprogram and reimagine an underutilized park on the west side of the Hillsboro River into both a community resource and a new destination on the downtown Tampa Riverwalk.  From discussions with the community, a key element of this park is a new community boathouse, prominently located in direct view from the downtown on a new excavated inlet. In addition to the park planning, W provided architectural services for this boathouse and all the other park buildings, including stage, restrooms, and picnic facilities.  The boathouse building includes spaces necessary to house various types of boats, including single, double, and quad sculls as well as spaces for educational purposes, large events, and training.  An exterior viewing deck oriented to the downtown also sits under the large roof.

A material study was also conducted in order to find resilient materials for Florida’s severe climate. Hurricane-resistant cladding and sun protective layers were chosen specifically to withstand the weather, and to add to the vernacular of the Floridian built environment.

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