July 10, 2009

Visions for Pier 11 in Philadelphia

W Architecture is one of four firms under consideration for the re-design of Pier 11 on Philadelphia's waterfront. Pier 11 is currently abandonned, but offers a unique opportunity to kick-off the redevelopment of the water's edge.

The pier is 80' by 540' and juts out into the Delaware River just South of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Though the pier is a relatively small area, the impact of the project could be huge— currently the city is almost completely shut off from its waterfront, and this small park is envisioned as the first step in a much more ambitious plan to bring pedestrian and community access to the Delaware River.

Several blogs and local media outlets covered the 4 presentations, including the local television news station. You can watch the coverage here, and read more at Phawker.com, and at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The other three firms under consideration are Andropogon, James Corner Field Operations and Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates.

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