October 13, 2009

Toxic Waters: a New York Times Series

The New York Times has a great series on water pollution in the United States calledToxic Waters which we want to share.


While the specifics of the articles do not apply to everyone, the idea that we do not have clean drinking water available to all is unacceptable, particularly in the US. The NYTimes has subsequently reported [Oct 7] that the EPA is considering a study about the potential health risks of Atrazine, a widely used weed killer that is one of the most common contaminants in American drinking water today.

Water quality and quantity are becoming increasingly important issues in this century. Recognizing intelligent sustainable use of the land will minimize subsequent abuse, improving our daily health. Central to sustainable design is the tenet that designers and citizens work together in order to maintain the necessities of survival for the world’s citizens.

Understanding the linkages between our daily lives and the effects of our actions, while revealing the invisible links in our infrastructural systems is a key element of our work at W. We will share more related posts in upcoming months.

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