April 1, 2016

Has Landscape Architecture Failed? Our Response

In 1966, a group of landscape architects published a Declaration of Concern that stated that an age of environmental crisis was upon us and that the profession of landscape architecture was a key to solving it. Richard Weller asks if the profession has lived up to its promise in his article “Has Landscape Architecture Failed?”.
Barbara Wilks, the principal at W Architecture & Landscape Architecture, has this response: Thank you, Richard, for this great article examining the role of landscape architecture. We believe that landscape architecture reveals the structure of our world, and shapes our interactions with each other and the planet. We design so that each of us can be grounded in an understanding of where we are, and that those unique qualities of place are expressed in a way that encourages examination, wonderment, and finally understanding, that each of us may not feel entertained, but engaged and feel some responsibility for the fragile ties creating relationships necessary for the continued health of our place and our planet.

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