September 8, 2016

Dark Sky Design at St. Patrick’s Island

Light pollution and urban sky glow can hide the stars and affect wildlife and ecosystems. St. Patrick's Island was cited by Architectural Record as a case study in sensitive dark sky lighting design. When the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation asked W and Civitas to create a nature-based park, we called upon Tillett Lighting Design to provide illumination for the island that does not disturb the viable habitat for birds, bats, and other wildlife but still provides enough light so the park feels secure and navigable. The team began by reserving as much of the park as possible as dark space. A main path is defined by warm 3000K CCT lamps on 50' poles through the length of the park, and the rest of the secondary paths are lit by low-level LED luminaires on wood bollards. The central berm is lit by two poles that provide a moonlight glow for nighttime sledding. The pole lights are shut off when not in use. We look forward to a future with more dark skies and less light pollution!

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