September 25, 2017

“Atlas for the End of the World” Featured in the Pennsylvania Gazette

Chieh Huang, designer at W, has spent many hours working on the Atlas for the End of the World with Richard Weller, the Chair of the Urbanism and Landscape Architecture departments at the University of Pennsylvania, and Claire Hoch. The Atlas is a research project that is a “shoestring operation conducting a global audit” and is featured in the current issue of the Pennsylvania Gazette. Since the UN set a target in 1994 of protecting 17% of the world's habitat by 2020, the atlas used that as a metric to measure how much progress has been made and hopes to identify where urban growth is on a collision course with meeting goals for endangered species and habitats. So far, 15.4% of the world's habitat is protected. The 1.6% deficit is equal to 700,000 Central Parks! Weller says the atlas will help bring design intelligence from landscape architects, urban planners, and conservation agencies into the global conversation about land use.

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