July 27, 2018

W Starts the AIA Zero Waste Challenge

W is participating in the AIA NY's Zero Waste Challenge! The Zero Waste Challenge is an initiative started by the AIA NY to encourage architecture firms to aim for zero waste as defined by the Zero Waste Design Guidelines in our office. The guidelines were developed by a multi-disciplinary team to address the crucial role that design plays in achieving NYC's ambitious goal to reduce the amount of trash sent to landfills by 90% by 2030. The Center for Architecture's exhibit Designing Waste, which adresses the potential for architects to contribute to the design of a zero waste city, will run concurrently with the challenge from now until October. From now until October, we will be weighing and evaluating our trash every week to see how much we can divert to recycling, compost or reuse and are hoping to improve our diversion rate. We are excited to engage in this very timely and motivating challenge!

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