November 13, 2018

Form of Wander Added to Tampa’s Active Waterfront

Form of Wander, a twisting tree-like structure that appears to float between water and land, has been installed on the piers in Julian B Lane Park in Tampa. The structure, inspired by a mangrove and made of aluminum, was conceived and built by Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY. THEVERYMANY studio is focused on finding new parametric outcomes from computational design and specializes in ultra-thin lightweight structures. Seven trunk-like columns straddle the path over the water, inviting visitors to walk around and through the structure and suggests new choreographies for a simple walk through the park. We collaborated with Civitas on the park – you can see the River Center we designed from under the structure.

Form of Wander was commissioned by Hillsborough County Public Art, photos are by NAARO.

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