December 18, 2018

West Street, Greenpoint Site Visit

The waterfront park at 27-41 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is now under construction. The public park on the East River is part of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint special zoning area.

There will be a direct pedestrian connection from West Street to the River through a tree lined passage, which terminates in an overlook to the river. The park will include a section of the Shore Public Walkway, which will eventually be a continuous path from Williamsburg to Greenpoint. The waterfront park will also include several overlooks with views of Manhattan, a winding path through a native maritime forest, open space lawns, and a beach. The upland area of the park references the site history as the location of The Monitor steel ship. A garden of crushed porcelain in the shape of the ship will honor the industrial background of the site.

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