March 10, 2020

Barbara To Speak at Courageous by Design NYC

On June 18, 2020, Barbara will speak at the Courageous by Design symposium in NYC. The symposium will be organized and presented by The Cultural Landscape Foundation┬ájust as the city’s Department of City Planning is actively engaging with communities throughout the five boroughs to advance their zoning and land use strategies in an effort to “reduce flood risks and support the city’s vitality and resiliency through long-term adaptive planning.”

In 2008, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander challenged landscape architects to seize the opportunity of governments waffling on climate change to learn the issues it presents inside-out – namely stormwater management, limiting footprints, using plants that don’t need much maintenance or water. Oberlander’s challenge is the impetus for the daylong symposium about the role of the profession of landscape architecture in addressing climate change, an issue that has been a focus of Oberlander’s practice for more than 30 years.

Barbara will speak to what we can do as landscape architects, readying us and plants for our future climate. She will join a roster of prominent landscape architects that will address the theoretical and practical aspects of the climate crisis during the symposium. Martha Schwartz will deliver the keynote address. See the entire schedule here and register here!

Photo credit: Dark Monoliths, Alex Fradkin, 2012 after Hurricane Sandy


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