March 23, 2020

Now is the Time: Enact a Green New Deal

As Capitol Hill considers stimulus funds to counteract the effects of the coronavirus, it is an opportunity to enact a Green New Deal. Landscape architects have been working on the specifics of a Green New Deal for several years now – click here to see the detailed analyses and proposals developed by the McHarg Center at the University of Pennsylvania.  The Green New Deal could employ all of the suddenly unemployed workers to build a network of renewable energy, high speed rail, and other infrastructure to support a carbon neutral country. As Bill McKibben writes, “the choices being made right now will shape society for years, if not decades, to come,” and “Our goal can’t be simply a return to the status-quo ante, because that old normal was driving a climate crisis that will eventually prove every bit as destructive as a pandemic.” Read McKibben’s entire essay, “If We’re Bailing Out Corporations, they Should Bail Out the Planet,” here.

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