November 11, 2020

American Architecture Award Winners Announced

The Chicago Athenaeum has publicly announced the winners of the American Architecture Awards and released a full list of each winning project. W’s design for The Edge park won an award in the Urban Planning/Landscape Architecture category. You can view images and a description of each of the four winners in the category here and more details about The Edge here and here.

The American Architecture Awards are the nation’s highest public awards given by a non-commercial, non-trade affiliated, public arts, culture, and educational institution.
This year’s American Architecture Awards went to exceptional buildings designed for every stage of our lives: skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, governmental buildings, science and technology centers, transportation centers, airports, hotels, parks, pavilions, restorations and renovations, retail facilities, housing projects, private homes, schools, universities, art, cultural and health buildings, urban planning and landscape architecture, interiors, and other humanitarian and educational initiatives.

“For 26 years, The American Architecture Awards have recognized the best new American architecture by the nation’s leading architects for their approach, research, innovation, and vision by design practitioners, developers, and their clients,” states Christian Narkiewicz-Laine, Architecture Critic and Museum President, The Chicago Athenaeum. He continued, “In a matter of 26 years, this program has become the single, most important recognition for Design Excellence in the United States, honoring known and celebrated firms, as well as young upstart offices for their smaller scaled, more challenging projects.”

Photo credit: Michael Grimm

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