December 17, 2020

New Sculpture at St. Pete Pier Approach Unveiled

Did you know that the first commercial flight took of from St. Petersburg, Florida? A new aviation sculpture near the St. Petersburg Pier commemorates that first flight that took place over 100 years ago, on January 1, 1914, when pilot Tony Jannus flew a Benoist Airboat from St. Petersburg to Tampa. Jannus was hired by the mayor of St. Pete, Abe Pheil to make the flight for $400.

W worked with the city of St. Pete and the community to design the St. Pete Pier Approach, and helped coordinate locations for art, including this recently unveiled aviation sculpture.

The sculpture is 16,000 pounds of stainless steel, and is a full scale replica of the seaplane that was fabricated by MGA Sculpture. The sculpture is located on the same spot as the original hangar used for the flight and is near the edge of the water with stunning views. Read all about the process of making the sculpture here.

Read more about the St. Pete Pier and Pier Approach here, and read more about the new sculpture’s unveiling here, here, and here.

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