February 4, 2021

Check Out the Newly Opened Marine-Themed Glazer Playground

As part of the St. Petersburg Pier Approach, W collaborated with Earthscape Play and the City of St. Petersburg to design the Glazer family playground. The marine-themed playground is an exciting and whimsical playscape that ties into the context of the pier and nearby coastal creatures in an immersive shoreline narrative.

The story begins in the junior play area, which represents the beach. An overturned sand bucket left by a beach-goer lies beside a curious starfish; a nearby mound with a hill slide and climbing log “drift wood” is a turtle’s nest from which baby turtles are making their way to the water.

Follow the turtles into the senior area where the shoreline transitions into deeper waters. An osprey’s nest log climber is perched by the water’s edge and overlooked by a lifeguard tower on a hill. Further into the deep, an immense kraken swirls around a multilevel seaweed tower and a sunken shipwreck.

A system of paths and gathering spaces W designed with Earthscape links these spaces together, creating a hub of activity for visitors of all ages and abilities to enjoy. The Glazer Family playground at the St. Pete Pier™ is a reflection of the City in concept and design intent, and the focus on natural and non-prescriptive play engages kids (and adults!) in a unique and creative way as part of this incredible new placemaking development.

Click here to see more photos of the newly opened playground!

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