March 29, 2021

The Mayors’ Institute on City Design ATA Is Underway

Barbara is currently serving as a resource team member for the Mayors’ Institute on City Design Alumni Technical Assistance. Team members will be engaged for a six week effort to develop concrete solutions to city challenges. MICD ATA matches selected mayors with nationally renowned design experts for assistance with a case study project, either a continuation of their original MICD case study project or a new project focused on racial justice in the built environment.
Participating mayors represent 10 states across the country and lead communities with populations ranging from 13,000 to 305,000 residents. Project topics include: visioning for multi-purpose parks in flood-prone, underserved neighborhoods; connecting residents to transit hubs and economic opportunity through urban design; developing vacant city-owned parcels in overlooked neighborhoods; making overdue investments in streetscape improvements; and reviving main streets to bring walkability, economic opportunity, and a shared sense of community to geographically isolated neighborhoods.
Read more about the Mayors’ Institute on City Design, the participating mayors and team members, and the efforts here.
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