June 9, 2020

Bush Terminal Campus

The concept for the landscape design at Bush Terminal Made in New York (MiNY) Campus responds to the need for new public open space for the Sunset Park community as well as amenity for the proposed workers. When complete it will support the manufacturing and retail components of the campus buildings and provide a stronger community connection to Industry City and to Bush Terminal Piers Park.

The landscape is structured to minimize pedestrian-vehicular conflict, while maintaining regular truck traffic required by the manufacturing tents of Building A, B, C, D. The design is organized around four character zones with family friendly areas to the west connecting the neighborhood to Bush Terminal Park, and campus areas promoting outdoor seating and meeting areas in a pedestrian alley, Mini Lane. Bush Terminal Plaza will provide open space for events, sports, dining, and gathering with seating, grassy areas, shade trees and tables, as well as a fountain for children.  History of the area is kept alive through the seating design which resembles stacked pallets, and the design of the fountain composed of stacked duct banks sprouting water.  Rails remain from the trains that serviced the buildings.

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