December 10, 2021

CC Moore Park and Playground

CC Moore playground is a highly successful public space in that it attracts a broad range of users throughout the day. The spectrum of activities and program can be attributed to it’s 2+ acres of space, but also the local diverse population and the relative dearth of public space in the neighborhood of Elmhurst, Queens. Spaces dedicated to handball are used for handball, basketball courts are typically used for basketball, and the playground is where children typically play. However, the interstitial spaces are also used heavily for recreation imagined by park goers; impromptu games of soccer, volleyball, four square, and board games (see picture above) are likely to commence at any point of the day, in any part of the park.

Pedestrian Access
There are only a few entrances to the park due to the heavy use of fencing of a bygone park era. Today, the design considers the park with less borders and more penetration from the sidewalk and street, inviting more circulation through the park. However, the playground is now clearly delineated and will be laid out to function as a more intimate space for children and parents.

New Park Entry
The gaming area of the park has been overrun by undesirable activities and accumulation of garbage and other unwanted items. This area will become the primary park entrance from the northwest side, further opening the park to its surrounding neighborhood.

Native Plant Materials and Gardens
Native trees and low plantings will promote sustainability and visual connection to the surrounding neighborhood. Maintaining the shade and maturity of the park’s trees is a high priority.


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