October 1, 2016

Far Rockaway Downtown

To revitalize the economic base and activities of the central business district and strengthen its environmental sustainability and resiliency, we focused on reallocating public spaces, creating safer circulation for pedestrians and cyclists while employing sustainable, energy-efficient materials and image-defining street-design elements. The district’s role as a transit hub is a key component of the revitalization plan, with reorganizing bus operations and pedestrian access a guiding force for the urban design, streetscape, and open space improvements. Addressing the site holistically, we created a unified network of streets, mini plazas, bike trails, and expanded sidewalks to help correct unsafe pedestrian and bike conditions and create places for community gathering.. Constructing better connections throughout the area will facilitate easier movement and activity, and enhance its social, ecological, and economic conditions.  Site permeability and open space were increased.

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