October 1, 2016

Far Rockaway Downtown

Located at the eastern terminus of the Far Rockaway A-Train station, Downtown Far Rockaway can be characterized by its heavy vehicular traffic, its narrow sidewalks, and its lack of public space. This new development, Rockaway Village, designed in collaboration with Marvel Architects, will provide much needed open space in the form of a public plazas and widened sidewalks along the area’s most heavily used arterial street, Mott Avenue, and lead pedestrians back towards the Long Island Railroad on the north end of the site.

The master plan calls for two separate plazas to be constructed in two phases of the project both requiring zoning approval and certification by DCP. The first phase will provide a 25,000 square foot plaza with a food kiosk, multiple amenities, ample seating, and planting . A second plaza will also provide seating and trees as required by DCP, adding sorely needed space for public programming and safe conditions for residents and businesses in the area. The plaza will anchor a development of multiple residential buildings with ground floor retail.

Our design also includes the residential courtyards for each of the development’s buildings, which offer shade, seating, play and flex space for the residents. Construction is currently underway on earlier phases while the team continues to develop the final phase of the project which is set to start construction in 2023.

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