October 1, 2016

Far Rockaway Downtown

The overarching objective of the City’s and State’s planning and design efforts in Downtown Far Rockaway is to revitalize the CBD’s economic base and activities and strengthen the district’s environmental sustainability and resiliency in the wake of major weather events. In concert with this goal, this capital project for the Department of Design and Construction enhances and increases the space of the public realm by implementing urban design, streetscape, and open space improvements that encourage safer, more hospitable pedestrian circulation while employing sustainable, energy-efficient materials and image defining street design elements.

The district’s role in serving as a transit hub for the CBD and peninsula is a key component of the area’s revitalization and proposed developments. As such, this plan also reorganized rail and bus operations to make room for a new pedestrian plaza and shared street that improves circulation to the A train terminal while dispersing bus stops along the streetscape.  By improving Mott Avenue with safe crossings and eliminating slip lanes, this project also paved the way for over 1,800 affordable housing units in a private development across the street where W is leading the landscape architectural and streetscape design. The combined City and private plan creates a series of streetscapes and mini plazas to enhance the neighborhood’s social, ecological, and economic environment and make pedestrian connections between the A train terminal and the Long Island Railway terminal.

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