August 25, 2017

Pyramid Hill Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden at Pyramid Hill celebrates the extremely rich and diverse flora of the Midwestern United States. Through the curation of a Native Plant Garden we are hoping to protect and develop this local resource and raise awareness of its importance. In contrast to the rolling lawns of Pyramid Hill, the Native Plant Garden is a part of the native ecosystem of the creek valley. It is a sanctuary for indigenous species of plants and also for their allied wildlife as plants provide habitats and food for insects, birds, fish and mammals.

The garden was designed to showcase three areas, a meadow, a woodland and an edge. Each of these different conditions supports different plants and animals. The open meadow of grasses and perennials is the central heart of the garden. They also attract pollinators that are critical for food production as flowers must be pollinated to bear fruit or vegetable. Woodland trees like the redbud and river birch are also a part of the stream valley. Trees help hold the soil and their root systems help maintain the stream bed.  The south facing edge of the woodland provides special areas for a white garden and a fall garden, which are just being developed. As this valley is transformed into a fully functioning ecosystem, the health of the animal and plant community as well as the water quality will improve.

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