August 25, 2016

Prudential Tower Roof Terrace & Plaza

The Prudential headquarters in Newark has two very different open spaces—a plaza at street level open to the public, and a terrace on top of the parking garage, to provide amenities for employees.

This corner Plaza is elevated from ground level to meet current flood protection requirements. Welcoming stairs and ramp invite people up to the plaza with planting areas carefully coordinated over the basement below. Low maintenance trees and ground cover cool the space, and security bollards double as seating plinths. A large planted green wall over 30 feet high is the focal point. The planting design is based on the Rock of Gibraltar logo of Prudential.

The terrace area of almost two acres accommodates spill out space from the adjacent employee cafeteria, as well as a large open deck for multiple activities and gathering, set into a meadow landscape. This landscape is easy maintenance and is a haven for local birds.  Soil depth was carefully calibrated with the parking structure below to minimize additional costs. The plant palette reflects this constraint. A running track goes around the two acre terrace, negotiating the subtle topography.

In addition to the open spaces, another more porous green wall design screens the parking garage façade while still allowing for ventilation. The project architect was KPF, and we worked for them in concert with the client and contraction manager.

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