August 25, 2017

50 West St

The Plaza at 50 West Street, covering an area of approximately 5,500 square feet, is a uniquely quiet respite from the bustle of West St. It is both a connector from the west side to historic Lower Manhattan as well as a place to spill out from the adjoining building. A wide ramp encourages pedestrians to make the journey up the five feet additional height required for flood protection. Moveable tables and chairs spill out from the building onto the plaza space enlivening this attractive oasis. Custom wooden benches line the raised planting areas which screen the adjacent parking garage and traffic beyond. Planting for the rooftop terrace required wind tolerant species to complement the wonderful view.

Helmut Jahn Architects with SLCE were the architects for the building and our client was Time Equities. Special zoning approval was required from Department of City Planning for the Plaza.

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