June 11, 2020

Chouteau Greenway Competition

Hiding in the physical structure of St. Louis is the potential for a new way of seeing the city. The “city of islands” is connected by the valley between them, and our project reclaims the valley as a new framework for community movement and engagement. A framework of strong east-west connections—streets and pathways for cars, cyclists, and pedestrians—links the Arch Grounds with Forest Park, and strong, green ribbons north and south connect to the neighborhoods. These join the center to the two large parks, north and south, Fairground Park and Tower Grove Park.

The framework—green ribbons of movement and engagement—creates new connections and experiences that make the whole and equitable, strong and connected city diagram real. This grid breaks down into east-west and north south connections and experiences that join the neighborhoods to the center andto each other.

This framework is a scaffold for world class equitable resilient St. Louis for the 21st century


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