March 11, 2019

Structuring Confluence

Structuring Confluence: The Work of W Architecture and Landscape Architecture 
Published August 15, 2014
by Barbara Wilks, Eric Sanderson (Introduction), Michael Sorkin (Introduction)

“A blue orb in a black abyss. This image of our planet from space is now commonplace. It is in my lifetime, however, that it was first captured and shared with the world. In the fifty or so years since, increasing evidence affirms the significance of such a comprehensive view. Seen as a whole, we can no longer distinguish “Nature” as a place apart or separate from human endeavor and inhabitation. We are immersed in and shaped by it. Embracing this simultaneity of our earthly existence—a balanced interchange of natural forces and the art and labor of human settlement—is essential to how we live and design. “Structuring Confluence” records our struggle to shape human experience around this relationship and to make it palpable and engaging. As cities become the dominant habitat for our species, we are working to forge new forms and places that responsibly and artfully synthesize ecology and urbanism. Organized by place, our research into forces working on a site at many scales leads us sometimes into remote areas of inquiry. Embedding isolated processes into new networks creates unexpected bonds and opportunities which can provide new meaning. This book provides a glimpse of the results of that invention process. It is composed of a personal selection of projects from my 13 years of practice in NYC connected by a series of structuring ideas. It simultaneously is an homage to the many people who have contributed their talents to its development—colleagues, studio members, consultants, and of course clients, whose foresight and courage can greatly influence the course of a project.” – From the Forward by Barbara Wilks FASLA FAIA

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